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Sudatur cruise

Istanbul has always been the venue for the world’s most famous singers and artists. Therefore, in most of the time in Istanbul, you can enjoy the program of famous artists. One of the places that you can visit Popular Iranian signer is Sudatur cruise, such as Sattar, Aref, Shahram Shabpareh, Farshid Amin, Leila Forouhar, Shohreh Solati, Hengameh and other popular Iranian artists.

In addition to performing the concert, various other programs such as Turkish local dances and other world dance events will be performed  which will be served during the ceremony and will be served at the Iranian dinner party. You will also attend.

It’s definitely a good choice for a memorable night with your family and friends, along with your favorite artists is to choose Sudatur cruise. In addition, if you wish, you can book VIP tables to the venue. Programs are more dominant and will be catered for.

Tisfoun Travel has made it possible for you to book this program in advance and on the night of the program, along with Tisfoun Travel’s tour leaders , you will go from your hotel and will guide you during your time on the ship. It will accompany you to the hotel at the end of the program.

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