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Istanbul Aquarium tour

If you are looking for a day to visit both the historic sites and the modern places of Istanbul, the aquarium tour is the most suitable option.

You will first visit the mosque of Sulaimaniyah, which was built on the orders of Khorram Sultan, and now there is the tomb of Khorram Sultan and Sultan Suleiman, Mehri mah Sultan and sonbol Khan and the great architect of the Ottomans, the mimar Sinan .

Then, to the Panorama Museum You will be going to be a modern museum and you can see the way of conquering the city of Istanbul to the Ottomans.

You will then head to the big aquarium of Istanbul, which is undoubtedly one of the largest aquarium in the Middle East, which has 17,000 water bodies per thousand There are five hundred different species in it, and you will visit the Amazon rain forest.

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